ICM in St. Petersburg

A city  of culture and a gathering place

St. Petersburg is a cultural center of global importance that every year attracts and welcomes millions of visitors from across the globe. Major international gatherings such as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and other large scale events meet here annually and are a testimony to the city’s ability to host international events on the highest level. The city is a major transportation hub in Northern Europe with easy connections to Asia and a thriving hospitality industry.

Support from the  math community, society and government

People of Russia are passionate about mathematics. The preparation of the ICM bid has met a very strong support at all levels: from the enthusiasts of mathematical education to the government of St. Petersburg and the government of the Russian Federation. This support directly translates into important resources, both human and financial, that are available to the organizers and which guarantee that the organization of the ICM will be done on the highest level. It also means that many more people will benefit from an ICM in St. Petersburg through educational and outreach activities planned for 2022, which will be declared a Year of Mathematics in Russia.