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Outreach  Activities

At the foundation of the Russian school of mathematics is a very long and rich tradition of working with talented students in high schools and universities. In 1934, the first modern-type mathematics olympiad was held in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Since then, math circles (“kruzhoks”), journals for high-school students (such as “Kvant”), specialized high schools, and mathematics.

Summer schools have become widespread and now operate in the majority of Russia’s regions. In 2014, Sirius, a national learning center, opened in Sochi to facilitate large-scale work with talented children. In a unique Russian tradition, renowned mathematicians are involved in this effort alongside current graduate and undergraduate students.

In 2020, the International Mathematics Olympiad will be held in ExpoForum in St. Petersburg. In conjunction with the Congress, we are planning large-scale events for Russian and international high-school students. University and graduate students will participate in the Congress as volunteers.

The year 2022 will be declared in Russia the Year of Mathematics in honor of ICM-2022 

As a part of the Year of Mathematics, a wide variety of educational events will take place in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities that are home to major mathematics organizations.

Educational activities for school students and teachers.

In Spring of 2022, on the eve of ICM-2022, special mathematics events will be held at national, city and district levels for primary, middle and high school students.

We are planning a satellite event for mathematics teachers from worldwide mathematical schools, to exchange their experiences and learn of Russian traditions.

We will organize an international summer school for gifted schools students (along the lines of the Russian Dubna school and its French-German spin-off).

We will translate a lot of Russian educational and outreach materials into English and several other languages and make them available for free.


SPbU has an ample experience of organizing student volunteers. We guarantee at least 300 volunteers chosen among good mathematics students, fluent in English and specially trained to work at the ICM-2022 and General Assembly, as well as at the satellite, cultural, and recreational ICM events.

Students will be able to attend talks and will receive a copy of the ICM materials. Their travel and local expenses will be covered.